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Bradley Steven Perry Fansite

Hey Bradleminators This is the first Bradley Steven Perry Fansite. We give you the Latest updates about Bradley Steven Perry and ofcourse also Good Luck Charlie. If you want to let us know there is somthing we forgot please contact us on the contact page ! We hope you enjoy our website. And hope you guys will check the site daily

Bradley on Wii U TV spot

Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Jessy

Nintendo America

Get a preview of the Good Luck Charlie crossover episode that's airing on November 29th

New credits for the show

The new credits especially for this episode its a part of GLC and Jessy mixed up together !

See Bradley and his family celebrating the hollidays with a Wii U we just exciting he loves the console we also love alot dont forget to ask youre parents to buy a Wii U

the crossover Episode

Bradley Steven Perry


Season 2

Mighty Med

Sharpay's Fabulous

Good Luck Charlie


It's Christmas 

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